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What to Write Here

2013-07-04 23:42:07 by MeinFurry

I don't know what to say. I don't have much news....It makes me wonder what people usually post here. Where do they get all that news? I guess I gotta do something worth posing about. What exactly is worth posting about? I mean who really cares? You know what I'm saying? I guess some people do.

Maybe I'm just boring.

Anyway, I'm going shoe-shopping this weekend. And video game shopping. Great combo, right?


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2013-07-05 02:52:18

Your female
As long as you have boobs on your chest men will boys will come and pretend to be interested
Post about watching the water in your sink dripping and they will be here ready to comment and compete for your attention
Here's an example here

MeinFurry responds:

haha, i'm a poor excuse for a female. I literally have no boobs whatsoever. But I can see your point. Men are such pigs. No offense to you or anything.


2013-07-05 02:56:37

And for being 18:
Fxuk being mature
That's for old people with jobs and no lives and kids (redundancy on kids and no lives)
I choose to start being mature when my old knees won't let me kick ass anymore
Then I'll teach kids to be immature and kick ass

MeinFurry responds:

haha, thanks. You always so the most inspiring things. I don't really feel like an adult, i feel 15. Mentally i'm like 9 lol.


2015-04-30 11:00:20