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2013-05-21 13:46:22 by MeinFurry

Finally! I graduated from High School! That place is a prison. Man, does it feel good to be free! I partyed so hard on graduation weekend and ate so much cookies and cupcakes and sugary stuff, I'm surprised I don't have diabetes. Now I can relax and focus on other things, like my artz and all that jazz. I'm thinking that I need to find a new hobby, though. I'm not giving up on art, I just want to do other things too. I mean, art is all I do, I wanna expand my hobbies and find new interests. Anybody got any suggestions? What are your hobbies?

I have recently found in interest in Rockabilly style. The music is pretty good, but I really like the fashion and hair styles. Also, does anybody know any good SKA music? I wanna get into it, cuz I heard some the other day and I kinda liked it.

Anywayz, I'm going shopping and spend a little of my graduation money. It's gonna be a gas. :D


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2013-05-21 13:48:53

Congrats on graduating, I just finished College today :D

MeinFurry responds:

Thanks! Oh that is neat. I just enrolled in College. :P But congrats to you! What did you major in?


2013-05-21 15:24:29

Awesome, i remember my graduation party it was a blast, the graduation dinner close to when i actually not to much, announced that i was being kicked out so i walked out of the restaurant. Love your work, have fun! If I were to suggest anything, maybe more writing? I know you've done writing but havent seen much of it, but from what I saw I liked it. You're kinda like me, you do a lot of stuff already haha, maybe more photography? Jewelery making? Anywho, have funz!

MeinFurry responds:

Thanks! You were kicked out??? On graduation day? How rude!
Writing, eh? I started writing this fanfic, it kinda sucks, but I haven't updated it in a while. But I should finish it. Some people actually like it and I think I could make a really good ending. I'm actually planning on writing another fanfic about TMNT. :P
Photography sounds nice. I used to do that alot, being a journalism student. I should carry my cam with more often. :D
Jewelry making? Wow, that sounds so neat! My best friend's dad is a jewelry maker, maybe I could pick up some tips from me.

Hey, thanks for suggestions, your comment made my day! By the way, I really like your music, you are amazing at what you do. :)


2013-05-22 06:39:53


MeinFurry responds:



2013-05-23 02:28:24

I majored in Music Production and Composition

MeinFurry responds:

Oh wow, that's awesome! :D


2013-05-23 05:34:39

aww thank you :) i hope you find what you're looking for, im glad i could make your day.

MeinFurry responds:

You're welcome! And thank you too! :D


2013-05-26 13:49:33

Great job that you've graduated! :)

MeinFurry responds:

Thank you, Nat. :D


2013-05-27 00:35:30

Martial Arts
Story Writing
psychological studies
video games
I'm done with school just haven't graduated yet
I still don't feel free until they give me my freedom papers on stage in front of witnesses and cameras.

MeinFurry responds:

All very nice hobbies. I would very much like to do Martial Arts, but I'm sooo lazy...
LOL, i hear ya. I was done with school 3 weeks before I graduated. I had a mild case of Senioritis.