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What is everybody's problem these days?!

2013-05-10 21:56:54 by MeinFurry

I don't if its in the water they're drinking or what, but lately people have really bitchy lately. I'm not talking about internet people, I'm talking about the peeps I know in real life. And these ungrateful bitches are my friends, too. It seems like everyone is blaming all their problems on me when I have no idea what they are talking about. Not only that, but they contradict everything I say to them and try to make me look stupid. Or when I say something, they take offense to it, when I wasn't even saying anything offensive. I guess they can't recognize my sarcasm, I've been told that it's hard to distinguish my serious tone from my sarcastic tone, which is why I rarely make sarcastic. But jeez, these people are trying to bite my head off and then they wonder why I don't want talk to them. Well, it's cuz I'm tired of their stupid bad attitude towards me, I'm really annoyed by the way they've been treating me lately.

Ugh, it's just so dumb....Has anybody else experience problems like these? I don't know how to handle it, and when I tell these people my problem, they get all defensive and refuse to look at things from my point of view. It's always my fault to them.

I have considered that maybe I'm the problem, so I try to be nice and friendly, but they always shoot me down and put me in a bad mood. So I know I'm not the problem.


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2013-05-10 22:09:58

No, what you describe is real and spreading... I could say that it's the economy, the government lying about the economy (and a great deal of other things), the constant war on people, the constant greed of the corporations.. the marginalization of the common man, who is more overlooked, everyday.

But I'll say, it just sucks. Especially in traffic on an early Friday afternoon... like driving in Tijuana or China :P

MeinFurry responds:

yeah, no kidding. The human race is going downhill. Sad, isn't it?


2013-05-10 22:25:52

who needs enemies when you have friends?

MeinFurry responds:

I have lots of friends, and very few enemies. I'm just afraid that these friends will become my new enemies if they keep being dicks.


2013-05-11 03:12:19

I've been there, often. I just stay out of my friends way at most times whenever there is a grudge I can't help them with. Anyway, I love you're art. I've got to get back to drawing!

MeinFurry responds:

Yeah, I that seems like a good way to avoid unnecessary drama. I'll just do that and hope everything goes over okay.
and thanks for loving my art. Go make some art! ^^


2013-05-11 11:59:53

I feel just fine

MeinFurry responds:

I'm glad! :D


2013-05-11 20:28:57

Newgrounds being Newgrounds is all.

Just ignore the silly folk and only pay attention to those who aren't gonna be dicks

MeinFurry responds:

yeah heh, that is good advice, I'll focus on the people who don't treat me like a mental punching bag. :)


2013-05-14 00:59:39

they can't shoot you down if they have no bullets ahahahahahaha

i'm not funny

MeinFurry responds:

LOL, true dat, homes!

Its okay, I'm not really a gangsta either. :D