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Iron Man 3

2013-05-04 20:51:08 by MeinFurry

Oh my glob! I saw Iron Man 3 and it was aaaamaaazing! I don't think there was ever a single boring part, it was awesome the whole way through, though i didn't like the ending too well. Though, it looked as though it promised an Iron Man 4, so maybe the ending will answer questions.
Anywayz, that was one highlight of my day. I was on a road trip with my friends and we went to a Hastings and I bought this super cute Stain Boy toy. If you don't know what that is, go look it up on YouTube. It was one of Tim Burton's earliest creations.

That is all for now, peace yo!

LOL, I have 69 fans. :P


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2013-05-04 21:19:01

sounds cool i will probably see it soon

MeinFurry responds:



2013-05-07 07:12:11

I'm getting hyped up. I guess that means it was better than the prequel?

MeinFurry responds:

yes, it was! ^^