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Savoury Delicious Crepes!

2013-04-26 22:05:36 by MeinFurry

OMG, have you ever had a crepe before??? They are sooooo fucking delicioius! They are one of those food that gives you mouthgasms. My bro made crepes the other day and I couldn't stop eating them! My stomach hated me afterwards, but it was totally worth it! The best part about crepes is that you can literally put anything in them and they'll still taste amazing.
My fave thing to put in them is melted fudge, kiwis, apples, strawberrys all rolled around in melted butter with cinnamon and sugar with whipped cream or marshmallow cream. It is so sweet it'll probably give me diabetes, but it is yummy!!!

I'm also super excited about my graduation party and stuff. I'm so sick of school. OH, but there's still college. Damn. Buuut, my party is gonnna be aaawesome!!! ^^


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2013-04-28 10:23:04

Pierogis are awesome. I also like Indian food. Food's pretty awesome. Fat kid 4evah!

MeinFurry responds:

I don't think I have ever had a Pierogi before...What do they taste like?
Yes, food is very awesome. ^^


2013-04-29 21:32:22

must try these "crepe"
I'm already to drop out and I'm also near graduation
my plane is to sleep a much as I can until graduation and during college


2013-05-01 22:17:39

idk what they are but they sound tasteful