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Fuck Allergies!!!!

2013-04-20 18:48:54 by MeinFurry

Allergies are annoying. I feel like shit. Don't you just hate em? All the sneezing and running nose and twitchy eyeball and rashes....

Anywayz, I'm done bitching.

I hope you all are having a better 4/20 than I am. You probably are, since I don't smoke weed. Tonight is also my Senior Prom. Everyone is going to fucking high. Good thing I won't be there.

Oh and happy birthday, Hitler.

Fuck Allergies!!!!


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2013-04-20 19:18:17

Hitler set his gay son on fire. He's a terrible father and I hate him. I hate Hitler.

Happy Birthday George Takei!

MeinFurry responds:

LOL, I don't think we're talking about the same Hitler. The Hitler I'm talking about is Adolf Hitler, and he never had a son.


2013-04-20 21:45:58

I'm just curious but why do you have a lot of fascist undertones in your artwork and your name and your post? Also why are the anthropomorphic characters in your drawings drawn with unrealistic body figures? It seems almost like it's meant to be sexualized or something. I don't understand.

It's okay, I don't think you're a pervert. I like kissing boys so people probably think I'm a pervert.

MeinFurry responds:

Good question, my friend! My username refers to a character I have who is a Hitler-spoof. I am greatly fascinated by the Nazis and the like, thought I don't know if I really would consider myself to be Aryan. I don't have anything against Jews or gays or whatever. Like I said, I think fascism and Nazis and Hitler was an interesting point of history. And so I like to make fun of it.
The reason I draw my womenz with unrealistic anatomy is because perfectly realistic anatomy is boring. Drawing Barbie proportions is hella lot funner than trying to draw something exactly how it is. That's just my style. Anatomy is overrated, anyway. Yeah, I guess you could say that I'm sexualizing them, because I am, but I'm not the only person who'll do that. Feminists hate me for that, but I don't care. I like erotic art, so might as well make it obvious. ^^
Haha, thanks for not seeing me as a pervert. I'm just glad you don't think I'm a lesbian, cuz I'm not. I would like to draw pictures of sexy men, but I can't draw guys very well. They end up looking too girly, so that is why I mostly draw females. I don't think you're a perv for kissing men, I'm cool with that.


2013-04-20 21:50:17

Oh, but by boys I mean adult men. Not children. That's an important point to make.


2013-04-20 22:52:40

I don't do any type of drugs but i do like cheese

MeinFurry responds:

I don't do drugs either, but Cheese is great!


2013-04-21 12:26:42

Im prob stupid when I say, what's there on 4/20?

MeinFurry responds:

4/20 is the unofficial holiday of stoners, meaning they get high all day on this day. Or something like that.


2013-04-21 14:12:33

I bet all the pot heads didn't realize 4/20 was also Hitler's birthday aha. Bet they feel a bit dumb now!

MeinFurry responds:

Haha! Unless they are Aryan stoners, then that is probably how they celebrate the Fuhrer's birthday.


2013-04-21 14:22:47

Unless of course it was intentional then that's pretty funny honestly :)

(Updated ) MeinFurry responds:

It is Hitleraious! (haha, get it?)


2013-04-21 14:48:20

Interesting Fact to know now
I only knew April 20th to be weed day, friends birthday, and death days
Now I know I can add Hitler as one of this birthdays

MeinFurry responds:

:D Always happy to enlighten!


2013-04-22 14:52:07

Oh no I can't believe i forgot 4/20 was pot day :o... I always thought every day was pot day ... I must not be a true stoner any more :*(

MeinFurry responds:

Well if you thought every day was pot day, then I'd say you were a true stoner indeed. ^^


2013-04-25 16:33:39

I filled a flower pot with weeds, just for the occasion. Good day.

MeinFurry responds:

I'm glad I wasn't at your house then! Flower pollen and weeds woulda made my allergies go on the fritz. Hehe!


2013-04-25 17:14:16

androgyny can be sexy. I find that the most attractive woman to me seem to be the most masculine whether they're assertive or just more physically opposing. On the other hand, although I don't like flamboyant men, I like timid guys who are quiet and awkward. Which I think can be more feminine than the flamboyant guys, because those guys are a lot more aggressive in a way. I don't know the one guy I really liked, you wouldn't think he was gay if you talked to him. He was so awkward, it was adorkable.

MeinFurry responds:

Yeah, I see what you mean there. I may seem kinda girly but I'm actually pretty tomboy-ish. Can you believe that once upon a time that I actually hated makeup? Tis true. But I wear it now because its fun to play with and it is an art form, too. ^^
Flamboyant men can be kinda annoying sometimes. I have a gay friend who is so masculine you could never tell he was gay. He loves war videogames and guns and crude humour, you know like most other boys. I agree with you, shy boys are the cutest. I wouldn't want a boyfriend that was dominant over me, I'm kinda of an egotistical bitch in my own way, lolz.