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Don't You Hate It When....

2013-03-25 20:45:48 by MeinFurry

...when you burp and a little bit of bile comes up and collects in the back of your throat....Ew....That just happened to me. It probably wasn't necessary to share this, but hey I can do whatever the hell I want.

Random fact time!
Did you know that turtles can breath through their butts??!
Man, how helpful would that be! If someone was trying to strangle me, I would be all leik, "Switching to my butt lungs now!" and I wouldn't die. :D

Kay bye.


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2013-03-25 21:02:40

Hahahahaha awesome! and if you always comment on my news post i will always comment on yours!

MeinFurry responds:

Hmmm, okay. :D


2013-03-25 21:16:20



2013-03-25 21:16:22



2013-03-26 12:19:51

That's why I love this place, all the useful information! :P

MeinFurry responds:

haha, yup, you got that right! :D