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HI! I love to draw! I especially love anthro art, so that is what I draw the most of. I know I am not the best artist, but I sure do try! Feel free to talk to me if you want, I'm a relatively friendly person!


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Okay, so do any of you remember the movie A Bug's Life?? It was one of my absolute fave movies when I was a kid. Like, I LOVED this fuckin' movie. It was literally the center of my universe. Anyways, it was on TV several nights ago, so I watched, because I just love the feeling of nostalgia. Seriously, to me there is nothing that feels better than notalgia. It just reminds me of a simpler time in life...Take me back, you know. But that is just me. So I watch the movie, like I said. And then I recall this toy I used to have. Now I had a lot Bug's Life toys, Disney merchandised the shit outta that movie, but there was one that I remember the most. It was this huge animatronic Flik figure that could talk. This toy was my object of unsurpassed worship as  a child, because remember I loved this movie so much. But now that I think about it, it was kind of a stange toy. There is a pic below. 





See it? Kinda creepy? Anyway, to make it 'talk' you had to grab the acorns dangling from his leaf backpack....Yeah, you had to 'grab his nuts.' He said 30 different things, but there was one quote that was the strangest of them all....It was the phrase that he said the least, I believe he said his phrases at random but I am for certain. Anyway this weird quote was  

"Ahhhh....Just squish me....Just squish me now..."

But the weird thing was the way he said it. It was somewhat sexual, like he was involved in an S&M session...I didn't know that was the way Flik liked it.... 0.0

I didn't realize any of this as a child, but my parents hated it. You can probably see why. It became progressively more creepy as time went by.

I was a bit mean to it, no intentionally. But being a small child, I dropped it alot and abused it. Eventually the arms fell off. It became so old and beat up that the mechanical parts started to glitch. The head and eyes would twitch as if they toy was possessed whenever it talked. I never really had a problem with audio distortion, just one time his voice got really low and slow. I thought it had quit working, so I tugged and pulled the acorns frantically, hoping it would work again. and sure enought it did. and the audio wasn't distorted. I was so happy to hear him say "for the colony! and opressed ants everywhere!" once again. Also, i changed the batteries.

This was another reason my parents hated it. Many times they tried to convince me to get rid of it. But I couldn't. I think i kept it up until I was Freshman and Sophomore in High School. and it still worked, despite its head twitches and glitches.


But alas, I do not have it anymore. I think that one day, my mom had sneakily thrown it away. And now its gone forever...

So what did I do? Nothing...for a while. Until I saw this movie just recently. i went on ebay and I found the toy i once had. I could buy for $20. and I thought, what the hell, I will just buy it. So I did. And i don't regret it. I'm sure that once my dad sees it again, he will think Oh God! I thought we got rid of that thing! Haha

It won't be the same one that I had,  but it is enough to fill an empty space that I have. I know, I'm kinda childish, but I don't care. I loved my childhood.


So that is just a stupid story I felt like sharing with you all today. I hope you enjoyed it. And if you didn't, then I'm sorry. My life is not all that interesting so there is not much for me to say.